Hi dear friend’s,

Thank You so much for visiting my blog. I wanted to create something special for world that would share both my photos and personality as well as reflect my personal style. I’ve spent a great deal of time designing to my blog so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

My Name – Dhananjay Parmar, ( IND )
My Uniform Name – Dhananjay00919220890710,
My Core Name – Dhananjay Ila,
My date of birth – 11- August – 1981,
Time – 11.10 – A.M, (Indian Standard Time),
Day – Tuesday,
Place of birth – Borivali (East), Mumbai, (ASIA),
I am Unmarried,
My Other Name – Kink, Tinu, DP, DI,
First language – Gujarati ,
Language – English , Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati.
Religion – Hinduism ,
Communities – Kshatriya ,
The History Of My Parmar Surname,
Nationality – REPUBLIC OF INDIA,
My education is just (SSC) only.
My favorite color – Red Color.
My Look –
· Height – 5’foot 10″inch,
· Skin – Wheatish,
· Hair – Black+White,Silky Hair,
· Eyes – Black – Spectacles Number R.E-1,L.E-1,
· I am Slim,
I like –
· sufi song , sufi poem ,
· romantic love or sad poem , shayari,
· my blog,
· extreme info,
· only true friendship,
· real smile.
My Medical History –
· 1984 : Car accident in Mumbai, 20% to 22% left side face skin injury , after doctor therapy we are normal.
· 2001 : skin diseases are not diagnosable in allopathic therapy / medicine science.
· 2012 : varicose veins ( left leg ) : not diagnosable.
· 2013 : December 18th : jaundice / lung : diagnosed done 10th February 2014.
My Crime Record – No.
My Love – No.
My Diet / Food – Vegetarian + Non Vegetarian.
My blood group – B+
I love one an only my mother in all world and i am only for my mother.
I am Born and brought up in Mumbai.
We use only my laptop and photon+ wireless broadband internet.and all electronic media.
but no Television, no Television News media, no print media. i am online since 23 June 2010, with my blog. I am not a poet nor a writer, i am just a simple person with good thoughts. I am good in multitasking and confident enough to face the new challenges in life. I always love to be true. i am simple in life. i am very true and emotional. i like the friends who are also true .the internet is the good medium to share the views, culture and tradition. it should be lust free. and i want to join me only true heart people


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